A Golf Holiday in Turkey

The popularity of Turkey as a destination for a golf holiday is growing quickly and it’s easy to see why.
With world-class golf courses, a fascinating history, and beaches to enjoy it really is a perfect holiday
destination. Professionally designed golf courses in the areas of Alanya and Antalya/ Belek have been well-received by international professional players and they’re sure to make your holiday a memorable

The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Turkey For a Golf Holiday

If you’re thinking about booking a golf holiday in Turkey but want to know more, here are the top 5
reasons to visit.

1. Glorious Weather for European Travelers and Direct Flights from Dublin

The areas of Antalya and Alanya in Turkey have over three hundred days of sunshine each year
making it easy to plan a golf holiday there at almost any time of year. The best times for visiting
Turkey for a golf holiday are March-May and September- November
hottest months with average daytime temperatures of around 27 degrees Celsius, making it warm,
but not uncomfortable.Perfect weather for golf


2. Be a Trendsetter

While the courses in Turkey are certainly up to world-class standards, the country is relatively new to
the sport of golf. It’s quickly grown in popularity and there are a number of top international
tournaments that have been hosted here. But there is still an opportunity to be something of a
trend-setter as Turkey is relatively unknown as a golf holiday destination. Turkey’s leaders have
made an express commitment to the growth of golf throughout the country so you can expect the
number of courses to grow.

3. Experience the World Class Courses
The area of Belek in particular has hosted many international golf tournaments and boasts courses
designed by European Tour winners including David Feherty, Nick Faldo, and Colin Montgomerie.

Lykia Links Gold lies thirty kilometers from Belek and ranks as the most popular in Turkey. It as the
first links course built in the country and lies alongside a river that flows into the Mediterranean.
This challenging 18-hole course is not for beginners as its sand dunes, bunkers and lakes present a
formidable challenge for players.
The Antalya Golf Club offers two different courses, the PGA Sultan Golf Course and the Pasha Golf
Course. Both offer exciting playing conditions for golfers with water hazards and woods.
The Carya Golf Club, developed by Peter Thomson, is a unique melding of British and Turkish
culture. The course is dotted with Heathlands, a type of vegetation not often seen in Turkey, giving
the course some old-world charm. An interesting feature of the course is that the last nine holes are
floodlit so you can finish your round after sunset.
The course at Cornelia Golf Resort was designed by Nick Faldo. This impressive course was
constructed in record time without compromising on quality and has been well-received by top
international golfers.
The Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Course, designed by Scottish golfing legend Colin Montgomerie,
is a sprawling course with an internationally respected golf academy. This course has played a
unique role in the development of the sport as the host of the European Tour three years in a row.

4. Affordable Green Fees
Hotels, food and travel expenses are a lot lower than in many European countries making it an
affordable destination for a golf holiday. In addition, green fees can often be more affordable in
Turkey compared to its European counterparts. Because the quality of the courses is still at a very
high standard, a golf holiday in Turkey offers excellent value for money. Most golf packages are based on all-inclusive hotels and are superb value

5. Enjoy the History and Attractions of the Area
As Antalya and Alanya golf courses build on their reputation, it’s not only the high-quality courses
that are attracting golfers from around the world. The area is host to a range of beautiful beaches
with crystal clear waters, along with spectacular scenery and views.
There is lots to explore in the area. Starting with the harbour there’s an opportunity to explore the
narrow alleyways, marvel at the ancient Roman Walls and enjoy the picturesque Kaleici old quarter.
The old harbour in Antalya is also not to be missed with the beautiful boutiques, yachts, beautiful
clear water and pretty cafes.
Other points of interest include Yivli Minare, the fluted minaret, constructed by Seljuk sultan
Alaeddin Kykubad and Aspendos, a famous archaeological site which is home to a well-preserved
Roman theatre. Of course, there are near limitless opportunities to shop which might be a perfect
option for non-golfers on the tour.
The area is easily accessible from the busy international Antalya airport.

Get Started with Planning Your Perfect Golf Holiday in Turkey

Like what you’ve heard so far? It’s time to begin planning your golfing holiday to Turkey. Here are
some pointers to help you get started.

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Select the option that suits you from a range of choices including all-inclusive tours, standard
packages with optional extras or green fee-only options.

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Antalya. Our all-inclusive packages cover hotels, airport transfers, golf course shuttles and more to
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Be sure to book your golf holiday package in advance, as most golf clubs in Turkey require prior

Think About Options for Non-Golfers
If you’re traveling with a spouse or children who don’t play golf, just let us know and we’ll arrange
an itinerary for them on the days when you’re playing. Itineraries are flexible and will be matched to
your preferences. Choose from exciting options such as walking tours through the city, beach
excursions, pamper days, and more. It’s the best way to ensure that the people traveling with you
are having fun too.

Get Help from the Professionals
If you’re planning a golf holiday to Turkey and need some help, we’d love to assist. You’ll be able to
get advice on which courses to play at, must-see attractions, where to eat in the evenings, which
areas are best suited to your needs and what you need to pack. Our company specialises in
personalised golf tours that can be arranged to suit your exact requirements.

With golf taking off in Turkey, and world-class courses popping up in the areas of Alanya and
Antalya, it’s not surprising that golf tourism is growing at such a rapid rate. If you are looking for an
affordable, luxurious golf holiday in a beautiful country with perfect weather, Turkey